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Home maintenance trends in 2020 - Dubai. How to avoid scams.

The minor schemes can involve you being bribed in with a low cost of service and then getting work added on, it can turn nasty when the company says they need to do additional work in order to provide you the service correctly and the end cost piles on before these leech like services work themselves out.

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How to Install and Delete a Theme in WordPress

A WordPress theme basically describes the aesthetic look of a website that you may be developing by making use of the tools offered by the WordPress platform. It comprises files, templates and style sheets which will constitute the appearance of the website once it is functional.

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The comprehensive guide how to become programer in London - 2020.

London is the heart of the British Isles but not only. Also one of the most beautiful and vibrant cities in the world. Can European IT specialists count on work in the capital of red, double-decker buses?

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5 Best ways to make money online in 2020. How you can make money online - find something adequate to skills

There are hundreds of ways to earn money on the internet, but there is a problem - Most of them are ways in which you will never earn or get a penny because the company will liquidate. But there are ways to earn money online that will allow you to earn real money - I've tested the 5 best ways to earn money online

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What is ZCash and how does this modern cryptocurrency work?

ZCash is a cryptocurrency with a solid focus on personal privacy in addition to the safety and security of personal information. ZCash keeps the functions of the public blockchain, however at the identical time allows completely confidential purchases.

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10 reasons why CMS need to die in 2020.

CMS, or content management system is mainly designed for blogs. It allows easy editing and adding content. The CMS designed template left the bad feeling for users of companies which want to build strong reputation across the internet. World-class companies never use CMS to design and develop their websites.

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6 website types which hit the trends in 2020.

The constant development of the internet, and marketing tools, promotes the creation of new forms of websites. Find out what types of websites have dominated the web and choose the best solution for you in 2020.

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How works Google Assistant. OK Google get started

Guide about Google voice search. How works Google Assistant - get your private assistant and learn about unexpected features.

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6 Features of best UX for web design in 2020

User Experience design is a basic concept related to website design that everyone familiar with website optimization should know principles which I will talk about in this article

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The ultimate guide how to become freelancer in 2020

Would you like to become a freelancer in 2020? Are you tired of your 9-5 job? Maybe you want to try something different in the approaching new year? - become a freelancer and change your life in 2020.

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Freelance web designer - Why do you need affordable website?

Does every business need a professional website? Yes of course! Read my article below and find out how you will benefit from it..

Web marketing blogging

The value of blogging in the terms of website design.

For most of us blogging is associated with culinary blogs or with carefully prepared texts of professional editors. But in the web...

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What is worth paying attention to when designing your company's website?

When designing your company's website, pay attention to several aspects, including for whom the website is intended, what it should serve...

website hosting guidelines

What is the guideline when choosing a hosting for the website?

Hosting a website is essential, and without proper hosting, the site may not work well, which is why a good and thoughtful choice is very important.

Content marketing is a wide field in which our imagination is the only limitation

Creating texts, graphics or video materials is a creative but time-consuming undertaking - as a website designer, I deal with it every day.

Why website does not appear in Google results?

Your website seems to be ready for the first users, but still, no one gets there? Are you wondering what could have gone wrong? Check why your site is not visible on Google and get started repairing these items quickly by reading the article below.

The most important features for e-commerce store?

How e-commerce marketing can help your business? Try these tactics to stand out from the crowd by increasing your brand awareness, the website traffic and finally sales!

What it's SSL certificate and how it benefits website?

At the very beginning, I would like to tell you a basic theory. It will be great if after reading the article you remember what an SSL certificate is and why you should have it. I am aware of the fact that the topic is not the simplest.

Why is the mobile version of the website important?

We are increasingly using the Internet on mobile devices. Given this fact, can website owners afford the lack of a mobile version? Nobody will forbid it, but is it worth it?

The features of good IT specialist

Choose the best IT service! Even 30-40 years ago, the computer was more disturbing at work than helping it. Today it has become an inseparable element of equipment for every, even the smallest office. His presence is something obvious to us until everything works perfectly.

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