What is home maintenance. Trends in 2020 - Dubai. How to avoid scams.

by Malik Nabeel Ali AwAn

What is Home Maintenance? How to avoid Scams?

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There are multiple home maintenance services in Dubai at the moment.

However with the flood of new businesses in the market, the consumers are confused as what main services a maintenance company offers.

There is no specific number or type of service that can be involved in maintenance companies, these services are all however, meant to be involved in home maintenance, such as Plumbing, Woodwork, Floor work, Ceiling work, roof repairs, Air conditioning, tiling, etc.

The main services involved in home maintenance are on-hand work like fixing and repairing. The issue with these services however is that home maintenance companies in Dubai are providing them only in name. Out of all the legitimate maintenance services in Dubai, there are plenty that are frauds working different types of schemes. These can be minor scams involving money to greater schemes involving theft.

The minor schemes can involve you being bribed in with a low cost of service and then getting work added on, it can turn nasty when the company says they need to do additional work in order to provide you the service correctly and the end cost piles on before these leech like services work themselves out.

The bigger and worse schemes can involve using a fake company shown online but one that is not real and is not registered. These fake ones are used to scout out the house, provide mediocre service for low cost as the house is being scouted. They can either steal things on spot or come back through some vantage points that they scouted out while on job.

How to avoid Scam Maintenance company?

According to Rehan Services, a trusted maintenance service in Dubai, there are many ways you can prevent being caught in any of the fake companies. When you are looking for home home Maintenance services in Dubai, look out for these things:

1. Registration of Company:

When looking for a company that you can hire for such purposes, it is important to check if the company has been registered and listed as a business entity. If a company has not been registered the legally, it cannot be held liable for its actions, that means unless you find the individual that provided the wrong service, you have no one to report to the authorities.

2. Company website:
A company website needs to be well-made, if a website seems like a cheap template it can be that it is a low effort and disposable website. These types of websites are normally shut-down soon after a scam, it is important that you check the content and the website thoroughly before you trust it.

3. Reviews and Ratings
The review and ratings are normally extremely helpful, if a company has many decent reviews you can read through them to see what type of company it is and if the services are good. If there are many negative reviews, you should Flee.

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