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What is important when designing your company's website? - Certified & affordable freelance Hull website designer opinion

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When designing your company's website, pay attention to several aspects, including for whom the website is intended, what it should serve. If the site is intended for children, the text should be reduced to the minimum in favour of the pictures and animations. The user who is on the page should immediately know what the page is presenting, what its purpose is.

Colour matters

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First of all, ensure of a consistent, pleasing to the eye colour that matches the subject matter (f.e green at the site dedicated to nature). The most important thing is to build a responsive website - adapted to mobile devices. Currently, more than half of the network traffic takes place on mobile devices, it is a constantly growing trend and it can bring the same benefits.

The home page should in the first place contain the most important elements to be seen by the user

Freelance business web designer Hull secure website

Should be legible and allow easy navigation around the rest of the site. This enables a menu that contains links to the most important subpages, preferably as simple and specific as possible to facilitate navigation. Thanks to this, the user will find information on a given page faster. Increasingly, the content presented on the website is not the text itself but is varied with various graphics and animations to get even more attention to the page. I recommend to read one of my articles which include tips about mobile responsiveness and it's importancy.

A good idea in this case, seems adding to the slider page - selected graphics that scroll every few seconds

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Certainly, it will interest the visitor, who will then be familiar with selected website design products.
If we expect interaction, it will be ideal to use "call to action" buttons that attract attention with a distinctive colour and specific information about what will happen after clicking, will certainly be a good solution that will increase the success of buttons, e.g. "Buy now" or " Download ". When designing a website, one must not forget that some visitors will want to contact directly. In this case, you should consider placing a simple contact form that allows you to easily send messages to the creators of the site. Furthermore, if you are lucky enough to afford top-class website designer, he would be able to implement "award-winning" effects such as: paralax scrolling, cross-fade background, direction aware hover effect, carousels.

Advertise your website where possible

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Take advantage of an opportunity to register your website in business directories across the internet. Nowadays, it's extremelly important to peform networking activity related to your website. There is a few opportunities to do it, get your backlinks by reaching out website developers and ask them to put your website link on their website - but, you have to create good content to encourage other people link to it, otherwise there is no point to connect your website. Find some -useful tips in one of the website related to tech tips.

Social Media as huge advertising channel

Consider social media advertising strategy due to the potential they have. Google analyse the Social Media signals it means that the websites which have considerable amount or likes, shares, tweets, followers, review are more trustfull in the Google eyes, simply because the people express interest in the profile when click a like or share button. Note that creation of valuable content it's a part of succesful social media strategy according to Google, the profile with thousands of engagements but 2 published posts gives a signal that something stinks here - you can read more in article linked above in the paragraph number 172 written by Brain Dean - Backlinko founder.

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