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What is the guideline when choosing a hosting for our site? Hull freelance responsive website designer opinion

Hosting a website is essential, and without proper hosting, the site may not work well, which is why a good and thoughtful choice is very important. It is worth paying attention to several aspects before we choose the right hosting for our needs.

It is worth making sure that the hosting provider does not allow the occurrence of overselling...

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that is, selling one server capacity to several clients, which means that none of them receives 100% of resources and this affects server performance. By this, the server response will drop and the page will load longer.

Another positive aspect is when the provider guarantees a specific "uptime" or the time of trouble-free and uninterrupted operation of hosting. It can also show how service at a given provider is a failure. It is best that it is more than 99.95% of the time a year. Read more about the fact, why uptime is so important in one of my articles about - Why do you need affordable website?

An important parameter when choosing a provider may be the storage capacity that we will have available

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If we intend to have a large number of different graphics, it should be at least a dozen GB. This capacity is also taken up by the e-mail address provided by the supplier. You should also pay attention to the offered transfer, the amount of data that can be sent from the server to the person visiting the website. The more people you visit, the more you need to transfer. Currently, however, it is very often without a limit. If we intend to regularly update the content on the website, the hosting provider should allow the installation of any CMS, i.e. a system that allows you to publish and modify the content on the site, and preferably to support it as the latest and regularly updated versions of PHP and databases MySQL make it safe.

In the context of web security...

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The best for the hosting provider to offer the most frequent, regular and long-lasting backups to not lose any files from the site in the event of a failure. Having an SSL certificate additionally increases its security and improves search engine positioning. It is also worth paying attention to availability of the support offered by the provider, to solve problems on your website as quickly and conveniently as possible.

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