How to Install and Delete a Theme in WordPress

by Brandon Graves

Comprehensive guide about instalation and deletion of themes in the WordPress platform

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A WordPress theme basically describes the aesthetic look of a website that you may be developing by making use of the tools offered by the WordPress platform.

It comprises files, templates and style sheets which will constitute the appearance of the website once it is functional.

The WordPress platform provides users with several themes to choose from. Some of them are free stock WordPress themes, while the premium WordPress themes you will need to pay for. Every single WordPress theme is unique in its design, attributes and general layout. They are generally designed using the HTML coding language, owing to which HTML to WordPress theme designing is a necessary skill for a WordPress web developer to possess.

In order to customize the appearance of your WordPress website, you will need to install a WordPress theme. In case you choose not to select a fresh WordPress theme for your website, your website will appear in the default stock theme that is offered by the WordPress platform, which is bland in appearance and therefore not a good idea for a new website. Usually, the paid premium WordPress themes offer more options for customization and more freedom to the user. You can incorporate images and PSD files from Adobe Photoshop in your WordPress theme. The utility of PSD to WordPress theme makes the WordPress theme customization process more accessible to content creators without intricate knowledge of coding.

Before installing a new theme in your WordPress website, it would be a good idea to create a site inventory and save all the existing attributes of your website in that inventory, in case the large scale changes bring about a loss of information. You should also back up your site and turn on the Maintenance Mode so that the website is not available for use by a user until you deem it fit.

Steps for installation of a theme in WordPress:

1. Log in to your WordPress dashboard using your admin user ID and password. In the WordPress dashboard, hover the cursor over to the Appearance option, and from the Appearance menu, select Themes. Thereafter, click on the Add Theme button.
2. A pop-up window will appear, where you can browse through several WordPress themes and pick the one you think would fit the particular aesthetic style that you want to achieve for your website. You can use the Feature Filter option on this window to specify your requirements such as the attributes and layout that you are going for. This will narrow down the options among the several WordPress themes, and therefore make the process of browsing and selecting the ideal WordPress theme much easier.
3. After you have chosen the WordPress theme that you would like to implement on your website, click the install button. The installation will take some time. Once the WordPress theme installer dialog box disappears, click the Activate button to have the WordPress theme implemented on your website. In case you feel like you have installed a few too many WordPress themes and that is eating up the memory capacity, it would be a good idea to delete some WordPress themes which you are no longer using on your website. There are two ways to achieve that:

Method 1: Deleting a WordPress theme using the WordPress Administration

1. Log in to the WordPress administration panel using your WordPress user ID and password.
2. From the Appearance menu, select the Themes option as you did in the process for installation. You will find theme details for all the WordPress themes that you have previously installed.
3. Select theme details for the WordPress theme that you want to delete. This theme cannot be currently in use. In case the WordPress theme that is currently active in your website is the one you want to delete, first, you have to activate another theme instead.
4. Select the Delete option near the bottom right corner. A dialog box will appear asking if you want to proceed with the deletion. Click on Yes to confirm the permanent deletion.

Method 2: Deleting a WordPress theme using File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or Safe File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)

1. Connect to the SFTP server. For this, you will need to know the protocol details for your WordPress website, such as Host, Port, User ID, and Password.
2. Once you are done connecting the SFTP server to your WordPress installation, go to the WP content folder and open the Themes subfolder.
3. There will be a drop-down list comprising of all the WordPress themes that you have installed. There won’t be any indication pertaining to which theme is active on the functional website, so you need to deactivate the theme which you want to delete beforehand. Select the theme that you want to delete from that list.
4. Right-click and select the delete option. A dialog box will appear to confirm the deletion, click on Yes to confirm.

Author Bio:

Brandon Graves is an expert WordPress web designer at HireWPGeeks, a well-known web developmentcompany. He specializes in PSD to WordPress websites and loves to read and write about all things related to the open-source platform. Follow him on Twitter to receive updates about all his latest posts.

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