The guide of how to become programmer in London - 2020

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Programmer in London, work, earnings, opportunities A city of possibilities and a real melting pot of nations.

London is the heart of the British Isles but not only. Also one of the most beautiful and vibrant cities in the world. Can European IT specialists count on work in the capital of red, double-decker buses?

How to go to London?

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All you need is your ID card, flight ticket (or other means of transport) and you can start your adventure on the British Isles.

How much can you expect to earn?

Programmer's work on the contract and permanent work Earnings on contracts (Contract) are usually twice as high as on permanent work (Permanent job).

How to find a contract job as an IT specialist in London?

You must first register as self-employed and apply for National Insurence Number (NIN). Then open an account in an English bank and it's pretty much all the formalities. Once we get the job, we need to obtain the NIN number

Self Employment in London.

In the case of self-employment, we have 3 months to formally register this fact and in the meantime, we can work legally.

Language requirements for IT professionals.

When working as a PHP programmer, knowledge of English is practically not required. In 90% of cases, it is enough to speak English at a communicative level.

What does a programmer's everyday work in London look like?

Most PHP programmers should know frameworks such as Symfony, Zend but a large number of people also write in Codelgniter, which is one of the most popular frameworks in England. Learn more about programmer certificates

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