The Ultimate guide how to become freelancer in 2020

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Would you like to become a freelance in 2020? Are you tired of your 9-5 job? Maybe you want to try something different in the approaching new year?

Read my article below to learn how become a freelancer and change your life in 2020

How to become a freelancer?

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As a freelancer, we can specify a person who performs the tasks assigned to him by the client under a contract other than an employment contract. This general definition can be a starting point. A freelancer works a bit differently than a person who performs work under employment contract. What makes them different?

Certainly greater freedom of the freelancer when it comes to choosing orders, setting working hours and, above all, the place because it is customary to assume that a freelancer works in his own office, apartment or in any other place that seems appropriate to him. Although the catalogue of occupations where you can work as a freelancer is currently expanding, the creative industries are still the most popular. Freelancer is usually:

  • graphics,
  • copywriter,
  • translator,
  • corrector,
  • journalist,
  • IT industry representative,
  • web designer,
  • photographer,
  • personal trainer,
  • coach,
  • psychologist,
  • trainer.

A necessary condition is certainly specializing in a certain area, considerable knowledge and practical skills in this field. Further, it is worth to consider to achieve additional qualifications such as relevant certificates. The growth of internet popularity has certainly contributed to the development of freelancing and freelance portals such as another example of freelance portal could be first of all, it significantly improves finding clients and research, and secondly, it facilitates the transfer of the subject of the order and communication between the client and the freelancer.

How to become a freelancer?

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Freelancer work requires persistance, self-discipline and considerable resourcefulness. It is not only about accepting the most interesting cooperation offers - a freelancer must ensure that he receives orders, watch deadlines for the task and enforce payment for the task. That's not all - the freelancer is also usually its accountant, PR specialist, marketer and salesman, determining the details of the order and searching for job offers. Freelancer is a man who can act in many ways, is involved in his tasks, motivated and hard-working. Lack of free time? At first, for sure - it's not worth deluding yourself that freelance work is hanging out in a cafe waiting for inspiration, so if you want to achieve or maintain financial liquidity, better focus on hard work.

What is worth to remember when preparing to switch to freelancing?

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First of all, it is important to realize that not all jobs will be the perfect ones and it is not worth (especially at the beginning of your career) to reject those that seem less attractive. Even if you are not interested in the subject, treat the task as an opportunity for development, advertising and stick to it - remember that you work on your reputation. Don't depreciate your client either. The client turned to you because he doesn't know what you do. So don't laugh at his ignorance, but do the job honestly and with commitment. The client usually also has a clear vision of what the task should look like, so make corrections following his instructions. This does not mean that you cannot suggest solutions that you think would be more justified, but do not forget that he is to be pleased with the effect. Many people opt for freelancing because the atmosphere of work in the office tires them, but they are not prepared for the fact that freelance work is usually a full day at home, without the possibility of talking during a break from work or exchanging opinions on the task being carried out, but with lots of distractions around. The temptation is huge - the episode of the series for breakfast, turning into a marathon, general cleaning or spontaneous meetings with friends, making work takes all day and prevents relaxation. The solution can be a coworking office - an office space shared by several freelancers. Just knowing that someone is watching your work can motivate you.

Freelancer - master of life

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The profession of a freelancer is not only desperate catching boring jobs and denying yourself a peaceful meal to meet the deadlines. Like any new job start, switching to such a model of earning will require reorganization of life, but freelancing certainly brings many benefits.

Flexible working hours - you work great today and have done more than you planned? Great! Tomorrow you can sleep longer or finish work sooner. Do you work better at night? If only the performed orders do not require constant contact with the client, you can devote afternoon and evening hours to work.

Choosing health insurance - you don't have to pay health contributions - instead, you can take advantage of the wide range of medical companies on the market, which is often more comfortable than using public health services. Continuous development - after gaining a permanent clientele and certain popularity, you can decide for yourself what you will do and choose the projects that you want to do. You can also specialize in a narrow field and become a wanted expert. For instance, if you are a freelance web designer, it is advantageous to constantly develop your skills and follow the trends, you can read more about expanding skills related to job market in my article about responsive web design.

Co-financing - freelancers are often also entrepreneurs and operate within the companies they run. As these are usually sole proprietorships, they can often count on the support of the state or EU structures or benefit from various programs supporting the development of small enterprises - it is worth having your savings, especially at the beginning of the activity, but such subsidies will significantly reduce the costs of switching to freelancing.

Freelancing tips

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Believe in your abilities - running your own business is not for everyone, but it's worth a try - and it turns out that you are just what your industry needed and thanks to freelancing you will spread your wings? Do not be discouraged by failures, but draw conclusions from them - a freelancer should be mature and responsible. Plan and organize time, taking into account your strengths and capabilities. Do not give up sleep and healthy eating - it will significantly increase not only your well-being but also the quality of work. Remember about rest - once in a while, close current projects, inform clients that you will be unavailable during this period and go on a well-deserved vacation.

Enjoy your job

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Notice its good points, constantly develop. Thanks to this, you will maintain your commitment and become a more attractive colleague for potential clients.

Express your opinion, propose alternative solutions

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This is not about making fun of the client's idea or depreciating his tips, but on a creative approach to the order - you are a professional, you know how you should perform the tasks assigned to you, so your opinion can a lot. Remember, however, to do it sensitively and culturally, and in case of refusal just let it go.

Sign contracts

Regulations regarding similar institutions can be found in the Civil Code, so it is worth using them and entering into agreements with everyone for whom you will provide services. You can ask a lawyer specializing in civil, commercial and intellectual property law to develop a universal formula. I am pleased to present you my contract as a sample - web design contract

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