How works Google Assistant. OK Google - get started with private assistant

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The unexpected features of Google Voice Search - private assistant

Read my article below to learn about awesome features provided by Google in new tool called Google Assistant

Get surprised by versatile features

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In the past, having a private assistant was reserved for a few. Everyone can have it today thanks by Google. Of course, the assistant in question will not send you mail or buy flowers for women's day, but he will certainly remind you to buy them.

Meet the Google Assistant who will always be with you ... Check the weather, tell a joke, greet you with a nice word for good morning or even hire affordable web designer. But in turn ... The Google Assistant is an intelligent, personal assistant, which Google is responsible for creating. It is an extremely helpful solution whose work is based on the use of artificial intelligence. You can use it with mobile devices - both iOS and Android - and devices in the field of home automation of a smart home.

How to get access to Google Assistant - lets get it started

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Instant access to your private assistant - Google Assistant

Before you devote yourself to issuing commands for good, it is known that the application must be started. How? To enable the Assistant, enter the Google application and select "Settings" from the "More" option in the menu. After entering the settings tab, select "Settings" available in the "Google Assistant" and then go to the "Assistant" tab. After selecting the language of interest, in the "Devices with Assistant" click on the phone. Finally, make sure the Google Assistant is properly launched and start your adventure confidently! If you are a website owner, it could be tempting to make your website accessible via voice search - I provide help in this matter, feel free to visit my web design services webpage to learn more about the offer.

How it's work?

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To make Google Assistant speak to you, just say "Ok, Google" or hold down the main screen button and ... ready. You can now give orders and ask questions. What can he do? He knows the answer to almost every question. If you want to check the weather tomorrow or want to reserve cinema tickets, the Google Assistant will do it for you. Are you going to go jogging? Google Assistant will choose a playlist at your command, where you'll run even further. Or maybe you would like to improve your mood? The Google Assistant will tell you a joke and will also check a hot chocolate recipe. As you know, chocolate can effectively stimulate endorphins to ultimately reduce stress and bring a smile to our face.

What else can the Google Assistant help you with?

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Below are some categories in which you will be able to count on Assistant's support. These include:

  • music - reach for your favorite songs
  • travel - find out how to get to the nearest gas station
  • food - order a pizza to meet friends,
  • health - check how to eat healthy food
  • entertainment - ask for a compliment
  • business - check stock quotes
  • information - find out what's happening in your area.

If you have not yet familiarized yourself with the Google Assistant, learn about its possibilities today ... and make life easier. 🙂

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