6 types of websites which hit the trends in 2020.

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What types of websites have dominated the web?

Read my article below to choose the best solution for you in 2020.

The basis for website classification is the fact that the certain criteria must be met

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What functionalities will be implemented on the website determines the assumed goal that your brand wants to achieve through the website.

Soft landing - landing page

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Internet users usually find it in response to a CTA, web banner, link, or mailing. A landing page, or landing page, can be a completely autonomous site, but it can also be part of one, larger page. It is a development of the content contained in the advertisement, and its main goal is conversion. The content on this type of website is designed to convince the recipient to perform the desired action: leaving their contact details, making a purchase, using the offer, or sharing information about the website with other Internet users.

Company website a total must have

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To strongly mark your presence on the internet, and thus also on the market, the company website is coming with the help. This type of website serves the full presentation of the brand's offer. Exhaustive content allows the recipient to get all information about the company, which builds its credibility in the eyes of potential customers. Credibility translates into their loyalty to the company, and loyalty has a positive impact on sales. The company website is the foundation in building a professional brand image on the web.

Besides, an extremely important element building the professional image of the brand is the graphic layer of the company website. It should be consistent with the logo and other elements of the brand's visual identity. Website design should correspond to current trends, be unique and fit the industry. Focusing on the above elements, one should not forget about the usability aspect, i.e. the content's intuitive layout. Providing your potential customer with the freedom to navigate the site, keep him longer and significantly influence his purchasing decisions.

Your online business card

The business card website is a concise presentation of your brand's offer along with contact details on the Internet.

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The basis of this type of website is a simple layout of content, without additional functionality. Business cards are a proven tool for people looking for a modest website that is simply to communicate services, products or brand values well. What is the strength of this type of website? First of all: the opportunity to present the offer, a chance to build a professional image of the company and highlight the advantages of the brand, or create solid foundations for brand credibility.

Gateway to the world of various information - internet portal

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That is a very extensive website, which can be a wide company page containing a lot of information or an internet complex grouping many websites. The websites are usually used by large brands that bring together one company, other brands that share the same goal.

Buy and sell - online eCommerce store

In addition to being one of the forms of e-commerce, it's a place on the web where you can sell your products or service

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The online store is most often part of the B2C relationship between the company and the final customer. In this arrangement, it is the customer who opens the transaction, which includes, among others: developing offers, preparing and confirming orders, adjusting the payment system, and finally completing the transaction.

Blog - share your knowledge

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Running a company blog brings many opportunities. Thanks to the company blog, you have the opportunity to build relationships with recipients, which results in strengthening the bond between you and the recipient of your page. A company blog enables you to open and conduct a dialogue with potential clients. Such communication will allow you to optimize your company's offer by developing solutions that will maximally meet the requirements of your customers.

You can write blocks of text about types of websites. We hope that this brief outline will help you find the best solution for your business.

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