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Hi, i’m Paul Lapkin, Experience Crafter from Poland.

What predispositions are needed to become a good UX designer? Being a good UX specialist requires above all the skills of analytical thinking and empathy with other people, listening skills, argumentation and cooperation, aesthetic sense, but also technical experience. It definitely requires constant will to expand your competencies, because the market is changing from year to year and you constantly have to keep your finger on the pulse. It's a good job for creative people who like people but who are also interested in technology. That's why a lot of psychologists and sociologists in this industry. Soft skills in this profession are very necessary, although often underestimated. What is needed is inquisitiveness and humbleness, constant search not only for the right answers, but also the right questions. But this is a profession for enthusiasts, if you do not watch the new interface in the iPhone and do not have dozens of ideas on how to improve the annoying website, it will be hard for you to find it. What advantage can moms have in relation to people who are not parents? I think that many mums can draw on their experiences and use them at work in the UX industry. Empathy, forbearance, communication ability - means translating difficult things in a way that is understandable even for a 5-year-old, multitasking, patience. However, it is difficult to perform remotely, requires frequent meetings with the client, owner of the product, constant consultations with developers or participation in evening surveys. It is impossible to do this work after hours and after heads, requires a lot of commitment. For me, it turned out to be a big challenge for the first child, even bigger at the second, when I felt I needed a break. On the other hand, this job gives an incredible satisfaction, it allows to be implemented in many areas and is always interesting. I am glad that I discovered her 10 years ago because my professional life is full of impressions. Well, why did you get interested in UX? At UX, what I like the most is that our activities are good. Thanks to well-designed products, users are less frustrated, we evoke positive emotions and the product owner accomplishes his business goals. It gives me great satisfaction, I feel that my work is needed and makes sense. This topic interested me at the end of my studies, nearly 10 years ago, when I was preparing to write my master's thesis and I was looking for a combination of topics that I was passionate about: research, technology and people. Because I really started with usability research, only to discover later that the most interesting challenge for me is design (it's easy to get smart, what is badly done, but it's much better to do it). At that time people talked about usability, but for me it was like discovering a planet created especially for me. I knew right away that this is it and that I'm good at it. Unfortunately, the employers did not know about it, and there were practically no job offers: I remember that I found 3 offers in half a year all over Poland, all of which required experience. I first got hooked in the IT industry as a Project Manager, but soon Tomek Karwatka, one of the precursors of this field in Poland, gave me the chance. And then it was downhill, because the most important thing is to start. After a few years, I opened a company specializing in UX. It was supposed to be a small freelance, but it turned out that the market is growing and the demand for well-designed digital products is constantly growing.

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Hi, I’m Paul Lapkin, Experience Crafter from Poland.

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Mad Max Design
OCT 2013 - june 2014

Crazy Design
OCT 2013 - june 2015


Maddison University
OCT 2013 - june 2014

Max Design & Art Institute
OCT 2013 - june 2015

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Hi, i’m Paul Lapkin, Experience Crafter from Poland.

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