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One of the eternal quarrels on the internet - use jQuery or not? Is it better alone, pure JavaScript or better use jQuery - a library that simplifies many things, but also weighs a few kB more? I believe that such quarrels usually do not make sense, because it is enough to choose the right tool for the right job. For the customer, the effect ultimately matters. Especially a company that is waiting for your website with a 5-fold tab will not pay much attention to whether you have used any plug-ins or maybe you have devoted 3x more time to create the whole thing from scratch. The following list includes several jQuery plugins that once helped me create projects, but other ones can be handled with many boring activities. 1. Animsition Smooth change of JS page A plug-in that allows you to create a transition effect between two pages so that they do not load in the usual way, but with animation. Until now, this effect could sometimes be seen in applications created in AngularJS or other frameworks. There are 58 animations available - from simple fade to rotate (rotate) or zoom effect (zoom). 2. iCheck iCheck - change of checkbox styles Creating your own, checked checkboxes in HTML and CSS is not a simple thing. Often you have to use different tricks, but iCheck comes in handy. I used this plugin in several projects and in a simple way allowed me to create more eye-friendly forms. 3. Select2 Another look of the select field in HTML The previous plugin helped change the look of checkboxes, and now it's time for the select field. Select2 makes the default look of the checkboxes change to be more readable and friendly. 4. pickadate.js Date download plugin Once again, the plugin associated with the form fields, but this time helping to choose a specific date and time. The whole is displayed in a large modal window and is legible even on mobile devices. 5. Slick Slick plug - slider One of my favourite sliders (this is what customers call it), although it is a carousel. A very universal plug, which I often use to program a slider on the page. There are not very complicated transition effects and many goodies that are in typical sliders. For me, this is a big advantage, because the plugin itself is easy to use and responsive, so it can be quickly adapted to the look of the page. Dragula jQuery drag and drop plugin - Dragula A plugin that greatly simplifies the creation of a drag and drop interface. Some time ago I made a puzzle in pure JavaScript and I will say only one thing - at the moment I will never try to create draggable elements in HTML5 and JavaScript from scratch. Instructions and tutorials help little, there are a lot of events that do not work intuitively, etc. This is a massacre. When I now look at how Dragula works (and other plugs of this type), I suspect that I would do the whole project in three times less time and without nerves. 7. Magnific popup jQuery lightbox effect - photo gallery   Responsive lightbox window that displays elements in a minimalist style. It can be either a single picture or a full gallery (arrows appear on the sides). There are also simple windows with HTML content or High-DPI mode for Retina screens. The plugin is fast and the basic package weighs only 3 KB. 8. AnimatedModal.js Animated popup window (modal) The plugin that allows you to create a full-screen modal window with animation in CSS3. You can use the Animate.css library or create your transitions. 9. Scrollify Smooth switching between pages in jQuery A plug with an interesting effect that helps in moving to the next parts of the page. The page is automatically scrolled as you move the cursor. Often, on the page with this effect, you can also see a side menu that makes it easier to navigate a site of this type. 10. Masonry Masonry - dynamic content placement An interesting addition that automatically arranges selected elements to take up enough space, with no breaks between them. The effect you can get through this plugin is often seen on photographer sites. One picture is bigger, the other smaller and wider, and yet they take up as much space on the page as they need - without unnecessary interruptions. 11. Progression.js Progress bar in JavaScript The plugin that can improve User Experience on the page (user experience). At the moment when you fill in a form field, a balloon with a hint and a progress bar appears (eg one box is 20% of the total). An interesting tool that will certainly help you fill more complicated forms. 12. Morris.js Morris.js - charts in JavaScript Appendix is responsible for drawing various graphs. All you need to do is enter the right data set, and morris.js will take care of the rest and display it in a clear, nice way. 13. Typeahead Typeahead from Twitter - prediction of the text entered