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I found the applications by accident in the Google Play Store and got into coding and learning programming languages. The products are so good. Furthermore? Nothing. We're going further. Solo Learn currently offers nine mobile applications, eight of which are for study programming. They are - HTML, Python, Java, C ++, JavaScript, SQL, CSS and PHP. The ninth application is a program that combines all courses and the cumulative community gathered around the application. Applications offer programming courses from scratch in the form of short segments, consisting of lessons, control questions and quizzes.
While learning, you can practice all the given examples yourself, add comments to lessons, tests. There is also a "backyard" for coding, where you can write a code and test it regardless of the course. Progress in the course is rewarded with experience points and promotions to subsequent levels. The experience can be spent on hints for tests and quizzes.At the end of the courses you get a certificate.Comments under lessons, tests or "backyard" add a second layer of the whole and are a valuable treasury of additional knowledge about a given coding language. Currently, the application is used by over 11 million users, so the community is quite large and active. All you need is a smartphone or computer. Applications are available on Android, iPhone and Windows Phony shuffle. You can also learn from the level of the website. Besides, you need some time and that's it.
I would highly recommend. I am enjoying myself learning these programming languages, and today, even the amateurly acquired programming basics have an invaluable value in the labor market and help in expanding their own competence in many areas.
Because it's great to flash at a project meeting that you know how the code is made and what its rules are. This helps in many cases, as we know - today everything is programmed ...

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